Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trauma Release and Psoas Relaxation

This is an exercise technique that activates a specific involuntary response in our brain stem that allows us to relax back into a state of homeostasis after stress by releasing frozen tension and restoring nervous system balance.  We store frozen trauma and stressful experiences in the psoas muscle.  Whenever we find ourselves in a stressful experience we cannot escape by fighting or running away, our nervous system automatically switches to the freeze response.  Tension stays frozen there until we release it. The exercise is perfect if you’re ready to release everyday stress and very, very helpful for trauma survivors, especially soldiers who’ve been in combat or people with CPTSD.  Your muscles will shake, and that’s a good thing; you’re shaking off nervous tension to a rebalanced state of relaxation. I did this very short technique and felt very refreshed and relaxed. I experienced some tenderness afterwards and needed to have a nap and a massage. Supportive touch was very important. If you decide to do this exercise and want or need facilitation and support, a solid grounding practice will help integrate and massage, energy work or, certified TRE practitioners are available all over the world.    If you want to skip right to the exercise, start the video at 4:21 minutes.  Cheers!

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