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Eclipse Season, Summer 2017 - Sun and Mars Birth the Will of Lost Heart

Mars and the Sun cycle, and eclipse,  just like the Sun and Moon.  Every 2 years they line up at the same degree and start a new warrior focus together.  Just a few days into this Leo moon and eclipse season, yesterday we ended the Sun/Mars cycle which started on June 15, 2015 at 23 degrees Gemini.  The energy of 23 Gemini is: Creative Integration of undifferentiated ego desires and higher mind through the lower mind.¹  

Today we begin a new two year cycle at 3 degrees Leo.   The keynote energy for this Leo degree is: The masculine will to conquer their animal nature and to impress their peers with their skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals.²

This seems pretty right on to me coming out of our last two moon cycles where we just got down to the nitty gritty of reclaiming the energy stuck in lost pains...recovered consciousness of our primal emotions from tribal conditioning...put it all out in front of ourselves and said ..."I've outgrown the need for old conditioning and I will master my primal emotions for my new purpose". ³  The eclipse journey from 0 to 28 degrees Leo is a journey through the heart and this Mars/Sun conjunction feels like birthing the will of our lost heart.  So, bon voyage, beloveds.  Breathe your power and enjoy!

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¹ (adapted from Dane Rudhyar's notes)

³ My Notes

Finally!  Stepping into Life From Our Lion Hearts
I’ve noticed the moon cycles between May and September seem like one big cycle leading us from troubled waters to clear hearts.  Today, July 20th,  we’re at the halfway mark through an energy shift that started around the Gemini new moon on May 25th.  Between today and Sunday’s Leo moon, the waning moon will pass over the significant degrees of the new and full moons since then, clarifying the purpose of our recent journeys.  So these next few days will be really important in putting the pieces of ourselves back together for the next part of the journey.  For the next four or five weeks we’ll journey through the eclipses with strong purpose and a renewed Lion Heart of courage, excellence, integrity and wholeness. 

To summarize the energy so far, Chani Nichols wrote of May’s new moon 
‘Life is equally inspiring as it is painful. Equally full of truths as it is deceit. Equally as loving as it is brutal…This new moon in Gemini asks us to understand the importance of witnessing life in all its diversity. From every side. Angle. Dimension…Pain can be prohibitive to our education at times. Biology tells us to recoil when an open wound is touched, and our psychology often follows this formula. However, we must learn to push past the survival brain’s signals sometimes so that we can get to the deeper meaning that a situation holds.’¹

I adapted this information from what CIA wrote of the Sagittarius full moon on June 9 
‘As Sagittarius’s symbol, the Centaur, combines the two sides of our brains, and as Gemini is dualistic in nature, at this full Moon we are challenged to be both self-aware of our human consciousness of mind and also the part that is driven by our wild, untamed and natural  animal instincts. (adapted from the text)’²

 Debra Silverman wrote of the Cancer new moon on June 23rd
‘Cancer allows us the hardest lessons. To love humanity as it is. To accept the raw, painful human condition that is never as we think it should be. To open your heart to the wounds that have been put in place during your childhood -- specially designed for you and your karma to eventually see them as the gifts they are…This dark night, a double Cancer sky is asking all of us: can you unconditionally love? Can you see that we are all doing the best we can?’³  Somewhere I read that the key to this new moon energy was allowing ourselves to become conscious of the primal emotions of our past conditioning.  Chani Nichols wrote ‘We can’t lighten up until we get real about what is weighing us down. Until all life is cared for, we can’t feel safe or secure. Personally or collectively.’ ⁴

Finally, Dipali Desair wrote about the Capricorn full moon on July 9th
‘…Consider that the Full Moon in Capricorn invites each individual towards greater responsibility of their emotional world and habits or tendencies…Family/Ancestral patterns show up pretty strongly now too. Some of the issues may feel like they have been carried on for generations down the Ancestral lineage, to the point of feeling rigid and inflamed…As much as you are doing your personal healing and work, there are some bigger patterns happening which may need to be cleared and a greater understanding about how they play out in your life now…’ ⁵


Moon Cycles, Eclipse Dates and Interesting Astrology 

New Moon:  May, 25, 2017 Gemini 8° 15’
Full Moon:   June 9, 2017 Sagittarius 18° 53 (Opposes Taurus Sun)
(Set…your intentions now for when Mars will fully activate the 1° degree point again on September 6th when marching direct again, is about aiming that arrow and looking ahead. CIA

New Moon: June 23, 2017 Cancer 2° 47’
Full Moon:  July 9, 2017 Capricorn 17° 9’ (Opposes Cancer Sun)

New Moon:  July 23, 2017 Leo 0° 44’
Full Moon:   August 7, 2017 Aquarius 15° 25’ Partial Lunar Eclipse (Opposes Leo Sun)

New Moon:  August 21, 2017 Leo 28° 52’ Solar Eclipse 
Full Moon:   September 6, 2017 Pisces 13° 53’ (Opposes Virgo Sun)
(Mars will fully activate the 1° degree point again on September 6th when marching direct again; aim that arrow and look ahead.  CIA

New Moon:  September 20, 2017 Virgo 27° 27’
Full Moon:   October 5, 2017 Aries 12° 42’ (Opposes Libra Sun)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cancer/Capricorn Moon Cycle

Cancer New Moon, Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 10:19pm
Capricorn Full Moon,
Saturday, July 19, 2008, 3:59am

Meditation for Cancer
I am worthy of self-love. I am worthy of self care. Because I feel this deeply, I choose situations and relationships that radiantly reflect my love and self care. I choose to take care of myself because I am worthy of self care. Because I have walked this path to self love, I have a deep sensitivity for the needs of others and I am a perfect reflection of unconditional love.

Cancer is first emotion, primordial water. She is the vulnerable infant heart, ready to love unconditionally and dependent on the receptivity of others to her love. Her polarity, Capricorn, is independent of others’ opinions. She is mature Mother. This energy is grounded in Earth, the most mature Earth, it knows its worth (Taurus) itself (Virgo), and natural law. She knows how to use it all to create practical solutions to challenges. She is the master manifestor of the zodiac; like the Magician in the Tarot, she knows who she is and how to use the tools she has to create what she wants.

The invitation this moon cycle is to explore the vulnerability and dependency of the Cancer parts of ourselves as we allow the Capricorn Mother part of us to meet, hold and mature this energy. It is a moon cycle to explore old heartbreak, and to observe old heartbreak in our present life around issues of having our loved received and our dependency issues met. We are meant to learn that we are love-able and that our needs are worthy of self care. We will be maturing unfinished emotional infancy issues. Or, we’re experiencing a desire to love unconditionally rooted in our own self worth. When I think of Cancer’s potential, I think of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Campassion.

Imagine the Cancer part of yourself as an innocent baby who loves who she feels unconditionally. And imagine again, this helpless baby part needs her love reflected back to her to know her love has been received and that her love is good. She needs help to be fed and changed and bathed. Because of these needs, she is very dependent on the response of the other(s).

When you consider the zodiac as a map of evolution of the personality, then you understand that there is a next step in emotional evolution. Cancer is undifferentiated emotion, Scorpio is the shared emotion of two individuals and Pisces is transcendent emotion that consciously understands how we are both separate and one at the same time.

Cancer represents infant love that cannot discern itself from the other. Like the 2 of Cups, it needs to know its love by feeling it reflected back purely. If Cancer needs have not been met as a child, and rarely does a child receive a perfect reflection of their love, then the Cancer part of us will meet the world with vulnerability mixed with resentful dependency in the feeling nature…thus the reputation of Cancer for having a hard carapace and pincers. Vulnerable Cancer must protect herself. Resentful dependency leads the lost child seeking approval to experience everyone as parent.

Alternatively, Cancer needs were met so well that there’s an addiction to dependency. For this Cancer type, if it’s not broke, why fix it! In this case, Cancer is stuck somewhere around 2 yrs old and afraid to take her first steps of independence away from parent because it just feels too good to be taken care of by another.

Yet another way Cancer gets stuck is in reversing the mirroring process. When a child has emotionally dependent parents, Cancer’s empathy will naturally feel their needs and want to reflect love back to them. Cancer’s pink and gentle heart wants nothing more than for others to feel good. The problem arises for this Cancer type when they ‘need’ to care for others to define their self worth. They usually don’t care for themselves first, but only after everyone else is taken care of. This also leads to resentment in relationship.

In all cases the emotional focus is projected outward towards the other as Cancer is dependent on the other for permission to love and care for herself. This is a normal part of emotional development, but it is a painful reality when we get stuck here as adults.

We can understand that healthy differentiation must be achieved somewhere in the middle of this spectrum: our love is reflected back to us well enough to allow us to know we’re love-Able (able to love); our dependency needs are met well enough to allow us to trust that we are worthy of care and finally, the parent and the child see and respect that each are separate beings with different goals and perceptions. In this healthy scenario, Cancer toddles happily away, looking back over her shoulder to make sure Mommy and Daddy are still there, listening to her inner drive for independence, taking her first steps away from her dependency, steadfast in the knowledge that she is love-able and worthy of self care. From this place of security and self worth, she is able to take the next emotional steps towards sharing affection with others as a separate individual.

This moon cycle is our yearly opportunity to explore these Cancer issues so we may finally know the value of our love and worth. Even if you didn’t receive positive mirroring as a child, within you is the Capricorn Mother to show you the way. As Wavy Gravy says, ‘It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!’ J

Focus on where the emotional energy is flowing and ask yourself if it feels safe and right for you. Notice if you’re waiting for approval or if you feel angry when you don’t get approval. There may be some grief work as you realize how your love hasn’t been accepted. For the Cancer part of us, rejection of their pink and tender hearts feels like death. And it is. Rejection for Cancer means putting armor on the heart. Notice if you now only choose people who reject your love. Ask the Universe to send the right people into your life to positively mirror you, too. They will be sent to you! If it is your time, ritualize taking your first steps of independence towards unconditional love for yourself and others. There are no mistakes. If you have suffered Cancer vulnerability, dependency or co-dependency, it was creating a river of deep compassion in your heart!!!!!

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. On an archetypal level, this moon cycle reveals the vulnerability of the Divine Feminine in the full force of the Yang part of the yearly cycle. As the days are longest and Nature’s growth maximal, we meet this most vulnerable feeling part of Her/ourselves. Just as the Yin defines and creates the Yang and the Yang defines and creates the Yin ,the powerful force of this season needs the Feminine to define and create it and the Feminine needs the powerful yang force to define and create it. We cannot fully know our Divine Masculine unless we embrace our vulnerable feeling nature. We cannot fully know our feeling nature without embracing the power of the season. The evolution to maturity of this internal relationship leads us to the Sacred Marriage within us.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scorpio Full Moon/Aries Moon Cycle: The Iron Pentacle

Aries New Moon ruled by Iron, April 6, 2008/Scorpio Full Moon, Sunday, April 20, 2008, 6:25am EST

Prayer for the Scorpio Full Moon
I honor the flow of all energy in its purest essence. I open to the Divine perfection of all expressions of energy in the Universe. When I am with others or by myself, I witness the flow in myself and others with an open heart. I relinquish the need to control others' energy and stay deeply centered in my own experience.

The Scorpio Full Moon arrives in just a few days. There are two things that are important to know about the energies of the new and full moons-Aries and Scorpio this month- Aries is warrior and Scorpio is warrior to the 1,000,000,000th power. The Aries warrior is Iron, direct and forceful. The Scorpio warrior is watery, internal, intense, emotional. How are you experiencing these energies in your life?

We began our yearly rebirth at the Aries new moon on April 6th with Aries Iron-this is the part of us who pushes new life growth upwards towards the nourishing sun with the force needed to break out of our seed shells, through the still cold and hard earth, up through the soil. Imagine the force that's needed to break the seed shell-of our new selves. Imagine the force needed to grow through the density of earth-through dense habit patterns. Imagine now that new baby shoot, so fragile, not yet firmly rooted in the earth meeting the same warrior force of millions of other baby shoots.

The Scorpio full moon reveals a feeling of life or death emotional disturbance about this first push towards life. Why? It's in the mystery. It's in your cells. You know deep inside you. The only thing I really do know is the Divine Wisdom of the Universe provided us with the force of Iron to birth this new life.

It seems very simple when I write about it metaphysically, but here on the earth plane, going to work on the metro everyday, the process is experienced with deep emotional disturbances that defy rational comprehension. When I look around at other people pushing forward this month, I often feel uncomfortable with this energy. I feel uncomfortable with speeding cars and people pushing and shoving. I feel uncomfortable with my own warrior energy. It doesn't feel patient or kind. It doesn't think about other people's emotions first. It's very forceful and direct, not very tactful. It feels like it could create conflict. I have Aries and Mars in the 12th house, so I tend to tiptoe around it or meet it in projection, yet this month I have similar reports from many people. Are we collectively birthing a power part of ourselves? With the releases of the Pisces/Virgo eclipses and Pluto in Capricorn, I believe the time has truly arrived to take a fresh look at warrior as we take leadership roles in rebuilding Earth structures. Personally, I have devoted this time to channeling the energy to Shambhala warrior within myself.

Scorpio represents the passion of deeply buried wounded emotions experienced as control, jealousy, vengeance. It's as if the coiled Kundalini snake, having once been burned, sits tightly coiled & ready to strike if there's even a hint of smoke in the air. Mature Scorpio knows the power in learning to navigate these difficult emotions-there's precious innocent energy hidden in the ancient wounding that is worth exploring as our fire meets our water this full moon. Imagine you're riding a fierce dragon and stay committed to love. It is the fire of the Aries warrior being whipped about by the wounded Kundalini. The water must hold the fire. 'Coming from our power puts us in a territory that we can't control. The full range of emotion is our reward, vivid and rich. The Goddess is a gifted surgeon, but not often much of an anesthesiologist. It's good to remember that pain is part of the territory.' (1)

Some topics to meditate on could include...slavery, violation, betrayal...all of us hold deep within us the wounds of ancient enslavement...and now is the time to be free! I've been drawn to work with this energy in the Iron Pentacle Meditation which I've shared below. For more information please refer to The Iron Pentacle Meditation and Understanding the Harmonics of Consciousness

wishing you bliss in your power, Helen

the Iron Pentacle Meditation

Create a comfortable safe, protected space. Call in your light guides and loving ancestors to help you and direct you towards loving acceptance, release of attachment to negativity and transformation and flow of all energies. Lie down, begin to breath and meditate on each point in the pentacle in your body/mind described below until you are conscious of energy flow and blocks. Bring your loving attention to all parts with the intention to own all your energy until you feel complete. Close your circle and give gratitude.

Imagine that your third eye represents Sex- the creative power of the Universe. It is both polarity and resonance within the current of Divine energy. It is that point of orgasm in which we open to the Universal dance and participate in its creation and in its destruction within each moment.(2)

Now imagine this energy flowing from your third eye to your right foot which represents Pride - our recognition of our own self-worth and the ability to live fully without reservation, allowing our true nature to shine outward while not giving in to the ego's temptation to compare ourselves to others. It is complete innocence, living fully and unabashedly in the moment. (2)

Now imagine this energy flowing from your right foot to your left hand which represents Self -our full knowledge of our own potential as well as our limitations along with the knowledge of who we are in relation to others and the Universe at large.

Now imagine this energy flowing from your left hand to your right hand through the heart chakra. Your right hand represents Power -it is the balanced outpouring of our whole being; the focused harmony of all five points in the pentacle which allows us greater access to our own deep potential. It is the projection of ourselves into the world that causes change, that makes magick. It is never manipulative, for true power exists in its own right and finds revelry in cooperative relationships with other beings and points of view. (2) Note that Power arises from a deep knowledge of Self.

Now imagine your power flowing from your right hand down to your left foot. Your left foot represents Passion-it is our ability to be open to the fullest experience of feeling, whether that be of the highest bliss, or of the deepest depression. It is the true embodiment of ecstasy. (2)

Now allow your Passion to flow back to your third eye, completing the circuit of life. Continue the flow until you feel complete.

peace, love, blessings, joy, Helen


Monday, March 31, 2008

Summary of the Pisces/Libra Moon cycle

Summary of the New Moon in Pisces, Friday, March 7, 2008, 12:14pm EST, 17º 31’ / Full Moon in Libra, Friday, March 21, 2008, 2:40pm EST, 1º 31’

With the new moon less than a week away, I’d like to bring some light to the Pisces/Libra moon cycle and the yearly cycle we’re finishing up to hold us in love and light as we move through the dark days of this moon cycle towards the powerful rebirth of Horus at the Aries New Moon on April 6th. This is the time of year when we willingly release the parts of the ego which no longer serve our higher self and the new child energy we are birthing in our lives.

Here are the Sabian Symbols for the new and full moons:


I’ll try to sum it up in a few sentences. After the annular and solar eclipses, some part of us chose to come down from our personal mountains of spiritual isolation and alienation from the community. We felt confidence to:
1) face our fears and
2) to be with the fragile parts of ourselves who have felt small and vulnerable and
3) the willingness to meet the other as an equal, even the parts of others who feel small and vulnerable. This is the suffering of the world that we've protected ourselves from in the past .

We've probably all had different experiences; my experience has been to know I'm not willing any longer to take this journey alone. And there has been a realization that if I really want to be here with everyone else in the community of humankind, then I will want to learn new ways to be with the fragile parts of myself and with the fragile parts of others.

Dis-armed or dis-arming is where we find ourselves. Or perhaps fully armed and aware of the fragility and the reasons we ran up the mountain in the first place!!! We've met our fragility and the part of us who protects us from the fragility. It's our unique revivalist, the part who gives a great know, that part of yourself who knows how to keep the crazies at a safe distance? Think and feel about what it is you do when you feel's never satisfying...OK, it's never fully satisfying...and usually you feel alone in it. Perhaps you've been the one who keeps it together no matter what and now you're feeling the need to be held. The revivalist may not have gotten fired yet, but there is serious consideration and internal negotiations going on about his usefulness in our lives. The Libra full moon has graced us with ‘neutral mind’ around this deeply emotional process, providing spaciousness in old belief/thought patterns. And probably there has been a shift in consciousness in your thinking equivalent to an ascension from the 6th to the 7th ray.

In the last days of this cycle we may be experiencing the desire to
1) run back up the mountain!!!! or
2) be with our fragile parts with a new compassion and strength and
3) be with the fragile parts of others with a new found compassion and strength or
4) possibly wanting to run back up the mountain, but choosing to stay anyway and praying for a path to love and light here at the foot of the mountain :-)

For more detailed information on the Astrology of the Pisces and Libra paths to maturity, please see the preceding entry from the writings of Guru Rattana: Pisces/Libra Moon Cycle

With the powerful releases of the annular and solar eclipses of February and March, there has been a feeling of new beginnings. As someone wrote earlier this week, there’s a feeling of arriving. ‘Every Planet except Saturn is direct through April 2, when Pluto goes retrograde. Saturn goes direct May 3rd. The direct movement of the planets has created a feeling of forward motion. We have been supported in taking action and getting things done.’ (1) ‘Many of the major planets consolidated in Pisces and Aquarius during this time. Uranus in Pisces conjuncted the Pisces New Moon. The astrological context favored access to expanded states of consciousness, which lead to new insights, revelations and the exploration of dimensions beyond the rational mind. It has been the time to call our Soul into our body and to get busy offering our gifts to the world.’ (1)

We are pioneering a shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The boundary between the two times, like the energy of Pisces itself, is illusory and prone to deception and human suffering. It’s no news that we are being asked to shift into a higher consciousness; this moon cycle I have surely shifted back and forth between an old familiar kind of Pisces suffering and expansiveness with old problems. What is new is there is a new freedom within to allow faith and practical solutions into old fear based grids/patterns.

At its core, Pisces is the desire to merge with the Divine. Yet beneath that desire is a painful and hidden emotional experience…the deep emotional pain and longing for merging that is borne of a belief in alienation and separation. The solar eclipse allowed us space in old beliefs so we could come down off the mountain disarmed-to take space from the Piscean Age illusion that connection with the Divine is ‘out there’. The suffering of the Piscean Age has really come from deep fear we must protect ourselves from the collective suffering of humanity-the belief that another’s suffering can hurt me.

So we went up that mountain, walked away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters, or took it on as our personal burden, putting our hopes in an external redeemer while sitting tight, contracting the body and holding our breath. The dis-arming some part of us agreed to at the eclipse has opened us to feel the pain of the contraction of 2000 year old armor. It’s not all ours to hold; the ancestors hold themselves here too. And it hurts in our bodies now…as we do our yearly self cleanse…as the energy rises from deep in the body to meet the new warmth, bringing it with it our fragile emotions. Keep breathing into the contractions for the Aries rebirth this week. Remember that this dark moon is not simply any old dark moon before a new moon, but is the dark moon that leads to our yearly Aries birth. We are still integrating the eclipse energies. Choose what you want.

Peace, love, blessings, joy, Helen
(1) New Millenium Being

Pisces/Libra Moon cycle March 2008

New Moon in Pisces, Friday, March 7, 2008, 12:14pm EST, 17º pcs31’

Sabian Symbol:

The following is from Guru Rattana’s New Millenium Being: (not yet published online)


Every Planet except Saturn is direct through April 2, when Pluto goes retrograde. Saturn goes direct May 3rd. The direct movement of the planets creates a feeling of forward motion. We are being supported in taking action and getting things done.

The Virgo Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse February 20-21 and the Pisces New Moon March 7 both create openings for new beginnings and directions. Many of the major planets consolidate in Pisces and Aquarius during this time. Uranus in Pisces conjuncts the Pisces New Moon. The astrological context favors access to expanded states of consciousness, which lead to new insights, revelations and the exploration of dimensions beyond the rational mind. It is time to call our Soul into our body and to get busy offering our gifts to the world.

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. When we get to Pisces, we have reached the last phase of our journey on Planet Earth. Our goals, needs and desires shift dramatically. During the first 11 stages of our journey, our focus is on learning the lessons associated with the individualization process. Our goals include developing our will and building a solid sense of Self.

(1) We don't give up our Self. We expand our experience of Self.

(2) We don't disappear and become a non-entity. We merge our being with the Infinite and establish our Infinite presence on Earth.

(3) We don't surrender into helpless nothingness. We let go of our limited perceptions of reality so that we can serve humanity. Pisces is the last sign. We are still here on Planet Earth. We still have work to do and service to offer. We aren't dead yet!

Establishing our Divine Connection is required in our Pisces stage of development. To establish an authentic and lasting connection with the Infinite, we must (1) be able to step out of our analytical minds, and (2) leave our need to control at the entrance of the rabbit hole to Infinite reality. To lift the veil that separates us from the cosmic realm of divine oneness, we must (1) awaken our mind, (2) open our heart and (3) become conscious enough to experience the unity of all life.

It is tricky dealing with Pisces and Neptune because we may aspire to God-consciousness, but with rare exceptions, humans aren't there yet. In our unconscious, un-awakened state, the need for union still exists. Lost in asleep mode, we don't know how to get our need for Divine Connection met. So we try to cover up our deep psychic suffering with false substitutes. We are driven to try to satisfy this desire in unhealthy ways. We create problems, pain and suffering for ourselves when we attempt to fulfill this need with (1) substances, (2) circumstances and (3) relationships that are NOT the "real thing."

The most basic Piscean/Neptunian illusion is that the experience of union is to be found in temporary, worldly substitutes - someone or something outside ourselves. These false unions can be with (1) addictive substances, (2) mommy and daddy stand in's /partners, (3) religious or political ideologies, and (4) material possessions and identification with financial and social status.

One identifying formula is "I am a ---- because I relate to, believe in, worship or belong to ----."

You can fill in the blanks with your illusion of choice. We all have them! Part of our Pisces healing is to identify what we are using as substitutes for our Divine Connection. Once we know how we are trying to get our unity need meet, we can shift our strategy.

The defining test of illusionary formulas is when we (1) lose our boundaries and

(2) our connection with Self. If we are dependent upon and energetically and psychologically enmeshed with 'a false god,' we have been swallowed up by some Neptunian illusion of transcendence.

Addictive substances - drugs, alcohol and food- (1) numb the emotions, (2) dissolve the sense of self and (3) weaken and even make holes in the aura. Instead of a strong, coherent and integrated aura, the energy field around our body disintegrates into a porous, gray cloud.

Auric blurs create illusions. We feel like we have merged with something larger than ourselves because we no longer have clearly defined energetic boundaries. We get a fuzzy feeling because we have become energetic mush, not because we have merged with the Divine.

The temporary, phony euphoria is a result of anaesthetized emotions, which lowers our ability to feel. We get sucked into the energy fields of drugs, alcohol, TV or junk food. We have merged with the lower frequencies of mass consciousness, but not with the higher realms of God consciousness. We have merged with some form of JUNK, not with Spirit.

Escapism and self-abandonment are Neptunian traps. Just when we think we have found the Divine in our out-of-the-body meditation, we are rudely awakened to the fact that we have to go to work, answer the phone or make a meal for the kids.

The most painful Neptunian alarms sound when we try to merge with an addictive substance or another person. The most debilitating co-dependence is created when we identify with someone else to the extent that the boundaries are blurred between us. We are engaged in a serious addiction if we feel threatened and anxious by the loss of the relationship.

If we feel like we will die if our messy merger is terminated, chances are it will end. The temporary euphoria of oneness is rudely interrupted by painful shocks that hurt like no other wound. Being ripped apart from a substance or a lover creates an auric pain that only the 'real thing' can heal. (Kirtan Kriya is the mediation given by Yogi Bhajan to deal with this situation. See Part III)

The most critical requirement for merging with the Infinite, and the only way to avoid deceptive substitutes, is to be awake and aware and to experience our own authentic Divine Connection.

We are bound to fall into Neptunian traps when we operate out of asleep consciousness. When we are asleep, we attract unpleasant situations to wake us up!

Pisces is a water sign. The water element corresponds to the emotional body. What we do with our emotional body is of critical importance. Our escapist tendencies are fueled by the desire to escape emotional pain.

Pisces' goal is NOT (1) to escape from our body, (2) to transcend our worldly existence, or (3) to avoid feeling. Pisces as the last water sign invites us to experience our authentic self and the Infinite inside our mind and body and to feel this pleasure with emotional intensity. Pisces seeks, and can only be satisfied, through the experience of emotionally engaged, full-body, not of-out body, bliss.

Both myths and religions consider 'drinking wine' to be a special part of the ceremony that awakens humans to another state of consciousness. 'Wine' is not supposed to be a substance to cover up or to escape from emotional pain.

Wine is the symbol of the catalyst that makes it possible to access the deeper realms of being where (1) we let go of our inhibitions of guilt and fear so that we relax and enjoy life, (2) our creative powers flow and (3) our Divine Connection happens. There is a special life-force that renders the mind and emotions available to both the creative and spiritual worlds. Wine represents this universal energy or life force.

Artistic creation happens when the creative powers of the unconscious and Nature overpower the rational mind and detach the mind from rational thoughts, the ego and self-consciousness. The infusion of Divine energy elevates our consciousness so that our union with the Divine is possible.

Wine is the symbol of the substance or force that awakens us to our unconscious world. The unconscious can deliver us to the gift of authentic inner joy or uncover hidden demons of fear. What we access in our unconscious ranges from (1) destructive and primal, animalistic urges,

(2) our innate creative expressions, (3) connection with our soul and Source.

The question is what 'wine' do we choose. Different wines produce different results. Wine can be (1) a brew that leads drunken excesses (2) a tonic that helps us let go of and transcend past emotional traumas, or (3) our cup of bliss.

(1) Lower grade wines can incite our basest nature and evoke savage cruelty and brutality. In many myths, excess imbibing of the 'fruits of the vine' lead to debauchery and undignified behavior. Too much of 'the seductive substance' can lead to insanity and madness.

(2) Other unauthentic wines produce states of fantasy and delusion. The illusory world may be less physically destructive, but it is emotionally and intellectually damaging. And it renders us unproductive and dysfunctional.

False wines lead us into confusion, chaos, pain, and suffering. They perpetuate our separation from Source. Lost in the duality of separation, we experience existential suffering, which we try to get rid of by numbing ourselves to the unbearable emotional pain.

The consequences of imbibing bad wine are unfortunate. The realization that our attempt to merge has failed can drive us to despair. The prolonged separation of Self from the Divine that can drive us insane. The inability to experience within ourselves the union between the Divine Masculine and the Creative Evolutionary Feminine that torments our psyche.

We don't know where to turn.

We don't know what wine to drink.

We imbibe too much of the bad wine and too little of the good wine.

When we drink bad wine, we are driven deeper into the lower realms of our unconscious, where we experience mental and emotional pain and suffering.

When we drink Divine wine, (1) our creativity is aroused and blossoms forth. (2) We eagerly participate in the process of creation and offer our gifts to the world. (3) We are emotionally engaged in a very satisfying way. (4) We embrace the flow of the evolutionary unfoldment of our soul. We experience joy when the wine we drink makes it possible for our psyche to walk through the doors that once separated us from our Creator.

Not good signs

(1) When the 'high' experience disappears, do we have downers?

(2) Is the temporary euphoria 'ecstasy' followed by agony?

(3) Do we experience extreme mood swings, no moderation and get lost in the sea of emotionality? NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Good signs

(1) Does our experience bring us happiness, freedom and peace?

(2) Do these experiences get stronger, come back easier and last longer?

(3) Do we feel more present in our body, more grounded, more aware and more stable?


Divine wine is not an alcoholic beverage. Divine wine is universal energy and life-force. Three powerful ways to imbibe this life-force are by partaking of this energy through (1) the breath, (2) divine mantras, and (3) devotional chanting.

(1) THE BREATH connects us to the prana which enlivens and sustains us. Each inhale delivers the universal life-force that pervades everywhere and persists regardless of form.

(2) DIVINE MANTRAS carry the frequency of universal energy. The sounds act like a bridge between physical and non-physical realities

(3) DEVOTIONAL CHANTING not only taps the higher frequencies encoded in divine mantras and the Word, it engages the emotional body. What we do with our emotional body is of critical importance. Engaging our emotional body in devotion provides the glue that integrates the Infinite and the finite.

Yogi Bhajan has given Kirtan Kriya or SA TA NA MA Meditation to bring the aura back to wholeness. The sound current is a healthy way to cultivate an experience of union with the Divine. The delusionary substitutes for union with the Infinite must be replaced by energies that embody Divine substance. When we experience the Divine and oneness within, it is possible to be compassionate and be in relationship while maintaining the boundaries of our own identity.

When one is suffering from severe auric pain, it is best to do the 31 minute version of this meditation, but there is also a 11 minute version. This meditation is explained in depth in the free on-line lessons (www.kundaliniyoga. org ) and in many Kundalini Yoga manuals.

Following Kirtan Kriya by 'Wahe Guru Meditation for Surrender' on page 123 in RELAX AND RENEW is very powerful. After clearing the subconscious and opening the third eye with Kirtan Kriya, this meditation uses the breath to pull in prana and then projects the Wa He Guru, which means ecstasy, out the third eye.

First practicing a Kundalini Yoga Kriya is essential to stay grounded and to absorb the effects of the mantras in the physical and emotional bodies. We must develop the lower chakras along with the upper chakras. The Pituitary Set #3 on page 51 in SEXUALITY AND SPIRITUALITY (available on www.yogatech. com ) is a powerful (and short to medium length) set to develop the first and third chakras, while simultaneously activating the third eye.

The important thing is to do whatever kriya and meditation you choose with awareness. Be aware of drinking infinite energy with every breath and be present to the nectar that resonates with the sounds of the mantras.


Full Moon in Libra, Friday, March 21, 2008, 2:40pm EST, 1º lbr31’

Sabian Symbol:

Libra Full Moon provided an opportunity to use our Libra skills of “higher mind” or the neutral mind to reinvent ourselves around our Pisces illusions and to show us the path to the true Divine Pisces connection we so deeply desire so that we may transcend our human suffering. Libra skills vary according to their level of maturity.

The following is from Guru Rattana’s New Millenium Being:

Libra’s Path to Maturity:


Indecisive -> decisive

Ambivalent, indirect -> clear, direct

Look outside self for opinions -> inner authority

Self doubt -> self trust, secure within self

Take things personally -> maintain emotional boundaries

Over-sensitive -> aware and detached

No center -> inner equilibrium

Look outside for balance -> find balance in neutral center

Co-dependent -> independent/supportive in empowering partnerships

Intellectually cold and isolated -> heart-centered and willing to connect

Judgmental -> non-judgmental, tactful

Hidden agendas -> harmonious presence

Project inner conflict -> project inner peace and harmony

Superficial image conscious -> take a stand for justice and peace

Focus on appearance -> focus on substance

Fear-based -> self-confident, personal integrity

Please others -> listen to others

Nice to not offend -> honest, fair perspective

Fear of not saying the right thing -> know what’s right and honestly

communicate it
Mr./Ms. Nice Person -> true diplomat, fair mediator

Compromise true feelings and needs -> honest about feelings and needs

Compromise to get agreement -> hold space for harmonious alignment

Creates resentment and manipulation -> creates cooperation and unity

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Full Moon in Virgo, Total Lunar Eclipse, Feb 20th, 2008, 10:26-31pm EST



Who is the new you imagined and prayed for at the new moon? The gift of this new moon was an expanded perception of your reality. There was an opportunity to open to a new way of perceiving an old situation. The annular eclipse allowed for powerful release of old limiting beliefs about your relationship to the community and how you fit into and cooperate with the community of humankind. What was your desire? Remind yourself of your new moon desires.

These desires have had to weather the storms of reality as we approach the Earth-y Virgo Full moon. The new moon is a rebirth. The new part of you is naïve, inexperienced, innocent…like a child…unaware of the deeper dynamics that shape reality. (Are you aware that you are creating your experience/your reality with your beliefs?) The seed planted will only bear fruit with attention and nurturing. I do hope you all had the opportunity to feel and nurture the purity/innocence of your new moon desires. If you felt it, the feeling became your prayer; regardless of your experiences this cycle, the innocent prayer was heard by your higher self and the Universe. Now, how do you ground it in reality?

Well, you have to get out of your own way. The waxing moon has shed light on your true relationship with the community. It has revealed where we’re strong and where we’re struggling. If we believe someone is to blame for our struggle, we still have work to do (My personal message is to be the change I want.) Hopefully the waxing moon is revealing the beliefs that shape your reality. Are they working for your desires or against them? The Virgo full moon calls us home to the truth, our Selves, our body, our Virgo Priest/Priestess. And it does so like Coyote, like Trickster. Allow the full moon to turn your beliefs on their heads. Think outside the box. Ruled by Mercury, the path of growth for Virgo is from self deception and criticism of self/the other -> deep self knowledge, acceptance of self/other and discernment…the ability to pick and choose what feeds and nourishes your dreams in reality, in your body. You will know because you will feel it. The truth is in the body in the feelings.

Now, this is the last total lunar eclipse until 2010; it’s a culmination of work we’ve been doing the past several years and will require some integration time. This means it’s BIG!!! There are two release points in your chart to consider: 2 degrees Virgo and it’s opposition 2 degrees Pisces. Here are there Sabian Symbols for your consideration:

2 degrees Virgo


2 degrees Pisces

I believe the message here is: Do you believe you must sacrifice your needs for the collective? Does that work? Does it actually serve? Do you serve from guilt and fear or love-self love and love for the other? Do you know the difference? Do you want to?

In light of it’s opposition: Do you sacrifice your Self (the highest expression of your Divine Self) because your feel overwhelmed by the power of the collective dream/nightmare? Do you feel small in relation to the collective dream/nightmare? What do you do about that? Are you in love or fear? This is a possible interpretation of the potential release of this eclipse. But on this Virgo Full Moon, awaken your inner Priest/Priestess and meditate on the Sabian symbols yourself to discover, in your body, the truth of it for yourself.

Peace, love, blessings, joy, Helen

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Moon In Aquarius, Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 2008, 10:44pm

New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse at 17-18 degrees Aquarius

Cutting chords with unhealthy internal father energy last month has led us to some liberation in wounded parts, allowing a desire to arise for sharing our gifts with the community in some way. Perhaps. Or perhaps we just have a tiny inkling of who we could be if we were liberated. The bottom line of the Capricorn/Leo moon cyle was: let your mistakes lead you to what you really want.

And we land at the doorstep of our love for our brothers and sisters. And our desires for community. Now open to what you really want...not what you don't want...what you want without the problems. The message I get now is: open to receive new messages because solutions will not come from the old beliefs...we must open to receive new ones. Let them flow in. Let the eclipse tomorrow 'break open the head' around wounded beliefs. Check your chart for 18 degrees Aquarius to see what's happening there (or what it's aspecting) because those areas will be activated, liberated (possibly) from old ways of thinking about a problem. But don't think too much about it...or the old beliefs will speak. Let the new inspiration flow into you and around you and with you by your side. In the following two weeks, you will learn how to ground these new ideas into your deepest life flow with the Virgo Full Moon on Feb. 20th 10:30 EST.

Peace, love, joy, blessings, Helen

Imbolc: Return of the Light 2008

February 4, 2008, 1.9 days before new moon in Aquarius on the 26th day of the Capricorn/Leo moon cycle.
The Goddess is Cerridwen:
New Moon
Feb 6, 2008 10:44 pm est at 18° Aquarius* solar eclipse* opportunity to release and shift consciousness in the area of wholeness (cells of Gaia)

The dying Osiris* is lovingly held and heard by the Mother Isis until this deep listening and holding by the Mother results in the birth of the Divine Child Horus. Osiris willingly gives up his life for the new vision of the Divine Child. The Great Mother willingly lets him die for the life of the child.

The Capricorn/Leo Moon cycle invites us to allow Osiris to die so Horus can live his potential. In practical terms, this means we face within ourselves the parts that are standing in the way of our potential, the outward, pro-active ways of be-ing/doing in the world that we now have clarity about, which don't serve Life and the Divine Whole and Gaia!!!!. (Aquarius New Moon in Feb) Leo Full Moon is the opportunity to reveal where we may still be attached to the superiority or inferiority of internal Osiris (Father) and the waning moon period is the time to willingly, consciously release our attachment to Him and let Him die within us.

Imbolc arrives during the dark moon. Imbolc reveals to us the seed of Horus within us, if only we can release Osiris to his rightful death. Our work between now and the Aries New Moon in April is to let Osiris die and birth Horus. The Goddess for this day is Cerridwen, dark mother. Let her take you into this powerful magic releasing day and willingly offer up what you are ready to release to live the potential of Horus. The new moon in two days (New Moon Feb 6, 2008 10:44 pm est at 18° Aquarius* solar eclipse*) is the opportunity to release and shift consciousness around the theme of wholeness and your place in Gaia.

Ideas: This day is best served with a Releasing Ritual…very powerful magic. Carefully connect to shadow and light. Meet the dark Osiris and travel the labyrinth to Horus, on your knees if necessary. Come back out knowing that Cerridwen has recycled this energy for the Solar Eclipse shift on the new moon in two days. Horus will be born on the new moon in Aries, April 5th, 2008.

*The active, action parts of us who have traveled another whole cycle around the wheel and have realized what is not in alignment with the sacred marriage of divine masculine and divine feminine and serving life