Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scorpio Full Moon/Aries Moon Cycle: The Iron Pentacle

Aries New Moon ruled by Iron, April 6, 2008/Scorpio Full Moon, Sunday, April 20, 2008, 6:25am EST

Prayer for the Scorpio Full Moon
I honor the flow of all energy in its purest essence. I open to the Divine perfection of all expressions of energy in the Universe. When I am with others or by myself, I witness the flow in myself and others with an open heart. I relinquish the need to control others' energy and stay deeply centered in my own experience.

The Scorpio Full Moon arrives in just a few days. There are two things that are important to know about the energies of the new and full moons-Aries and Scorpio this month- Aries is warrior and Scorpio is warrior to the 1,000,000,000th power. The Aries warrior is Iron, direct and forceful. The Scorpio warrior is watery, internal, intense, emotional. How are you experiencing these energies in your life?

We began our yearly rebirth at the Aries new moon on April 6th with Aries Iron-this is the part of us who pushes new life growth upwards towards the nourishing sun with the force needed to break out of our seed shells, through the still cold and hard earth, up through the soil. Imagine the force that's needed to break the seed shell-of our new selves. Imagine the force needed to grow through the density of earth-through dense habit patterns. Imagine now that new baby shoot, so fragile, not yet firmly rooted in the earth meeting the same warrior force of millions of other baby shoots.

The Scorpio full moon reveals a feeling of life or death emotional disturbance about this first push towards life. Why? It's in the mystery. It's in your cells. You know deep inside you. The only thing I really do know is the Divine Wisdom of the Universe provided us with the force of Iron to birth this new life.

It seems very simple when I write about it metaphysically, but here on the earth plane, going to work on the metro everyday, the process is experienced with deep emotional disturbances that defy rational comprehension. When I look around at other people pushing forward this month, I often feel uncomfortable with this energy. I feel uncomfortable with speeding cars and people pushing and shoving. I feel uncomfortable with my own warrior energy. It doesn't feel patient or kind. It doesn't think about other people's emotions first. It's very forceful and direct, not very tactful. It feels like it could create conflict. I have Aries and Mars in the 12th house, so I tend to tiptoe around it or meet it in projection, yet this month I have similar reports from many people. Are we collectively birthing a power part of ourselves? With the releases of the Pisces/Virgo eclipses and Pluto in Capricorn, I believe the time has truly arrived to take a fresh look at warrior as we take leadership roles in rebuilding Earth structures. Personally, I have devoted this time to channeling the energy to Shambhala warrior within myself.

Scorpio represents the passion of deeply buried wounded emotions experienced as control, jealousy, vengeance. It's as if the coiled Kundalini snake, having once been burned, sits tightly coiled & ready to strike if there's even a hint of smoke in the air. Mature Scorpio knows the power in learning to navigate these difficult emotions-there's precious innocent energy hidden in the ancient wounding that is worth exploring as our fire meets our water this full moon. Imagine you're riding a fierce dragon and stay committed to love. It is the fire of the Aries warrior being whipped about by the wounded Kundalini. The water must hold the fire. 'Coming from our power puts us in a territory that we can't control. The full range of emotion is our reward, vivid and rich. The Goddess is a gifted surgeon, but not often much of an anesthesiologist. It's good to remember that pain is part of the territory.' (1)

Some topics to meditate on could include...slavery, violation, betrayal...all of us hold deep within us the wounds of ancient enslavement...and now is the time to be free! I've been drawn to work with this energy in the Iron Pentacle Meditation which I've shared below. For more information please refer to The Iron Pentacle Meditation and Understanding the Harmonics of Consciousness

wishing you bliss in your power, Helen

the Iron Pentacle Meditation

Create a comfortable safe, protected space. Call in your light guides and loving ancestors to help you and direct you towards loving acceptance, release of attachment to negativity and transformation and flow of all energies. Lie down, begin to breath and meditate on each point in the pentacle in your body/mind described below until you are conscious of energy flow and blocks. Bring your loving attention to all parts with the intention to own all your energy until you feel complete. Close your circle and give gratitude.

Imagine that your third eye represents Sex- the creative power of the Universe. It is both polarity and resonance within the current of Divine energy. It is that point of orgasm in which we open to the Universal dance and participate in its creation and in its destruction within each moment.(2)

Now imagine this energy flowing from your third eye to your right foot which represents Pride - our recognition of our own self-worth and the ability to live fully without reservation, allowing our true nature to shine outward while not giving in to the ego's temptation to compare ourselves to others. It is complete innocence, living fully and unabashedly in the moment. (2)

Now imagine this energy flowing from your right foot to your left hand which represents Self -our full knowledge of our own potential as well as our limitations along with the knowledge of who we are in relation to others and the Universe at large.

Now imagine this energy flowing from your left hand to your right hand through the heart chakra. Your right hand represents Power -it is the balanced outpouring of our whole being; the focused harmony of all five points in the pentacle which allows us greater access to our own deep potential. It is the projection of ourselves into the world that causes change, that makes magick. It is never manipulative, for true power exists in its own right and finds revelry in cooperative relationships with other beings and points of view. (2) Note that Power arises from a deep knowledge of Self.

Now imagine your power flowing from your right hand down to your left foot. Your left foot represents Passion-it is our ability to be open to the fullest experience of feeling, whether that be of the highest bliss, or of the deepest depression. It is the true embodiment of ecstasy. (2)

Now allow your Passion to flow back to your third eye, completing the circuit of life. Continue the flow until you feel complete.

peace, love, blessings, joy, Helen


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