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Summary of the Pisces/Libra Moon cycle

Summary of the New Moon in Pisces, Friday, March 7, 2008, 12:14pm EST, 17º 31’ / Full Moon in Libra, Friday, March 21, 2008, 2:40pm EST, 1º 31’

With the new moon less than a week away, I’d like to bring some light to the Pisces/Libra moon cycle and the yearly cycle we’re finishing up to hold us in love and light as we move through the dark days of this moon cycle towards the powerful rebirth of Horus at the Aries New Moon on April 6th. This is the time of year when we willingly release the parts of the ego which no longer serve our higher self and the new child energy we are birthing in our lives.

Here are the Sabian Symbols for the new and full moons:


I’ll try to sum it up in a few sentences. After the annular and solar eclipses, some part of us chose to come down from our personal mountains of spiritual isolation and alienation from the community. We felt confidence to:
1) face our fears and
2) to be with the fragile parts of ourselves who have felt small and vulnerable and
3) the willingness to meet the other as an equal, even the parts of others who feel small and vulnerable. This is the suffering of the world that we've protected ourselves from in the past .

We've probably all had different experiences; my experience has been to know I'm not willing any longer to take this journey alone. And there has been a realization that if I really want to be here with everyone else in the community of humankind, then I will want to learn new ways to be with the fragile parts of myself and with the fragile parts of others.

Dis-armed or dis-arming is where we find ourselves. Or perhaps fully armed and aware of the fragility and the reasons we ran up the mountain in the first place!!! We've met our fragility and the part of us who protects us from the fragility. It's our unique revivalist, the part who gives a great know, that part of yourself who knows how to keep the crazies at a safe distance? Think and feel about what it is you do when you feel's never satisfying...OK, it's never fully satisfying...and usually you feel alone in it. Perhaps you've been the one who keeps it together no matter what and now you're feeling the need to be held. The revivalist may not have gotten fired yet, but there is serious consideration and internal negotiations going on about his usefulness in our lives. The Libra full moon has graced us with ‘neutral mind’ around this deeply emotional process, providing spaciousness in old belief/thought patterns. And probably there has been a shift in consciousness in your thinking equivalent to an ascension from the 6th to the 7th ray.

In the last days of this cycle we may be experiencing the desire to
1) run back up the mountain!!!! or
2) be with our fragile parts with a new compassion and strength and
3) be with the fragile parts of others with a new found compassion and strength or
4) possibly wanting to run back up the mountain, but choosing to stay anyway and praying for a path to love and light here at the foot of the mountain :-)

For more detailed information on the Astrology of the Pisces and Libra paths to maturity, please see the preceding entry from the writings of Guru Rattana: Pisces/Libra Moon Cycle

With the powerful releases of the annular and solar eclipses of February and March, there has been a feeling of new beginnings. As someone wrote earlier this week, there’s a feeling of arriving. ‘Every Planet except Saturn is direct through April 2, when Pluto goes retrograde. Saturn goes direct May 3rd. The direct movement of the planets has created a feeling of forward motion. We have been supported in taking action and getting things done.’ (1) ‘Many of the major planets consolidated in Pisces and Aquarius during this time. Uranus in Pisces conjuncted the Pisces New Moon. The astrological context favored access to expanded states of consciousness, which lead to new insights, revelations and the exploration of dimensions beyond the rational mind. It has been the time to call our Soul into our body and to get busy offering our gifts to the world.’ (1)

We are pioneering a shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The boundary between the two times, like the energy of Pisces itself, is illusory and prone to deception and human suffering. It’s no news that we are being asked to shift into a higher consciousness; this moon cycle I have surely shifted back and forth between an old familiar kind of Pisces suffering and expansiveness with old problems. What is new is there is a new freedom within to allow faith and practical solutions into old fear based grids/patterns.

At its core, Pisces is the desire to merge with the Divine. Yet beneath that desire is a painful and hidden emotional experience…the deep emotional pain and longing for merging that is borne of a belief in alienation and separation. The solar eclipse allowed us space in old beliefs so we could come down off the mountain disarmed-to take space from the Piscean Age illusion that connection with the Divine is ‘out there’. The suffering of the Piscean Age has really come from deep fear we must protect ourselves from the collective suffering of humanity-the belief that another’s suffering can hurt me.

So we went up that mountain, walked away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters, or took it on as our personal burden, putting our hopes in an external redeemer while sitting tight, contracting the body and holding our breath. The dis-arming some part of us agreed to at the eclipse has opened us to feel the pain of the contraction of 2000 year old armor. It’s not all ours to hold; the ancestors hold themselves here too. And it hurts in our bodies now…as we do our yearly self cleanse…as the energy rises from deep in the body to meet the new warmth, bringing it with it our fragile emotions. Keep breathing into the contractions for the Aries rebirth this week. Remember that this dark moon is not simply any old dark moon before a new moon, but is the dark moon that leads to our yearly Aries birth. We are still integrating the eclipse energies. Choose what you want.

Peace, love, blessings, joy, Helen
(1) New Millenium Being

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