Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Imbolc: Return of the Light 2008

February 4, 2008, 1.9 days before new moon in Aquarius on the 26th day of the Capricorn/Leo moon cycle.
The Goddess is Cerridwen: http://paganinstitute.org/PIR/lunar_info.html#Lunar%20Calendar
New Moon
Feb 6, 2008 10:44 pm est at 18° Aquarius* solar eclipse* opportunity to release and shift consciousness in the area of wholeness (cells of Gaia)

The dying Osiris* is lovingly held and heard by the Mother Isis until this deep listening and holding by the Mother results in the birth of the Divine Child Horus. Osiris willingly gives up his life for the new vision of the Divine Child. The Great Mother willingly lets him die for the life of the child.

The Capricorn/Leo Moon cycle invites us to allow Osiris to die so Horus can live his potential. In practical terms, this means we face within ourselves the parts that are standing in the way of our potential, the outward, pro-active ways of be-ing/doing in the world that we now have clarity about, which don't serve Life and the Divine Whole and Gaia!!!!. (Aquarius New Moon in Feb) Leo Full Moon is the opportunity to reveal where we may still be attached to the superiority or inferiority of internal Osiris (Father) and the waning moon period is the time to willingly, consciously release our attachment to Him and let Him die within us.

Imbolc arrives during the dark moon. Imbolc reveals to us the seed of Horus within us, if only we can release Osiris to his rightful death. Our work between now and the Aries New Moon in April is to let Osiris die and birth Horus. The Goddess for this day is Cerridwen, dark mother. Let her take you into this powerful magic releasing day and willingly offer up what you are ready to release to live the potential of Horus. The new moon in two days (New Moon Feb 6, 2008 10:44 pm est at 18° Aquarius* solar eclipse*) is the opportunity to release and shift consciousness around the theme of wholeness and your place in Gaia.

Ideas: This day is best served with a Releasing Ritual…very powerful magic. Carefully connect to shadow and light. Meet the dark Osiris and travel the labyrinth to Horus, on your knees if necessary. Come back out knowing that Cerridwen has recycled this energy for the Solar Eclipse shift on the new moon in two days. Horus will be born on the new moon in Aries, April 5th, 2008.

*The active, action parts of us who have traveled another whole cycle around the wheel and have realized what is not in alignment with the sacred marriage of divine masculine and divine feminine and serving life

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